Shkurte Ramushi and her mushroom kingdom

Ramushi’s uniqueness is reflected in the motif that permeates all of her works … The mushroom is a synonym for her works. She depicts this extremely interesting symbol in its full splendor. Shkurte Ramushi creates in – as she calls it – mushroom kingdom. This text is part of a series of texts titled “Short Conversation”.

“In art, each of us can have our own kingdom, and my kingdom in art is called the Mushroom Kingdom,” she says.

Why the Mushroom Kingdom?

“Because the mushroom is a magnificent plant, together with an imaginary landscape of mushrooms, trees, stones, with the symbolic colors of the afterlife, even microscopic,” Shkurte Ramushi explains in an interview for Alternativna.

The ‘size’ of the mushroom is not based on its physical proportions, she adds, but on its “sensitivity and fragility, colors and shapes, symbiosis and adaptation to the role it deserves as part of the universe.”

“Stones represent sustainability, trees – life, mushrooms – humanity and cactus – survival. These are the main symbols that remind us that paradise, in addition to paradise itself, can easily be found beneath our feet, on Earth. Meanwhile, different types of mushrooms, such as medicinal, nutritious, and poisonous, can easily personify humans. My paintings are an artistic invitation to try to preserve and protect the nature of our planet with our entire being,” Ramushi states.

In line with the motif that permeates her works, she finds inspiration in nature, which she also calls – the kingdom:

Shkurte Ramushi

“People’s freedom of movement, the rustling of leaves in the autumn, spring rain, mushrooms, trees, roots and everything else from those miniature ecosystems that make up a magnificent mosaic.”

In her words, these are only parts of her “world” – the nature she sees on Earth every day. “Happiness in the earthly paradise,” she emphasizes.

Ramushi sees herself as an artist-researcher and art as something that best represents her.

“It’s hard to be an artist in the Balkans, so I try to live this role in every moment.”

She believes that “the deeper and more comprehensive the art, the better it will represent humanity and their stories.”

She also compares it to the “colors of life”.

“The waves of the sea, the sunset, the birth of a child and death, everything that the universe carries with it. Art is the universe itself,” Ramushi concludes.

Shkurte Ramushi’s works were also presented on the digital platform “Gathered in Art”, as well as the virtual exhibitions held on this platform.

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