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In this text, we’ll remind you of three artists you have had the opportunity to read about on our site and whose works of art were exhibited in our virtual exhibitions… Milica Lilić, Julija Hočko, and Demir Pepić express themselves artistically through a different medium. But they do have one thing in common – the passion with which they create. This text is part of a series of texts titled “Short Talk”.

Milica Lilic, foto: Suncica Andrejevic

Milica Lilić

Alternativna wrote about Milica Lilić last year when we reported about the third Festival of Women’s Creativity organized by the Private Cultural Center Akvarijus. At the time, Milica “caused a stir” in North Mitrovica – the town she studied in, in the class of Professor Tomislav Trifić.

“Milica is looking enchanting at the beach”, “At Milica’s”, “Women went crazy for Milica”, “Milica gave her fans a treat”, “It happened – Milica finally found a boyfriend”, “They recognize me even without makeup”, “Milica: I don’t cook because I hate doing the dishes ”, “Milica: Only the wrong kind of men hit on me”, “Golden Milica targets Rio”…. – reads the inscription on some of Milica’s collages exhibited at Akvarijus at the time.

Using texts and images cut out of newspapers has its own concept, but putting together text and images into collages is also a matter of time.

Talking about what inspires her, Lilić says: “Travel, books, music, nature, as well as current events and situations.”

She describes herself as an ambitious, self-critical person, inclined to research. The research she carries out is also visible in the collages that she publishes on her Instagram profile almost every day. Flowers blooming, freedom, summertime…

That is why it is not surprising that there is no specific motif that permeates all her works. In addition to collage, Lilić is also interested in drawings, paintings, graphics.

“Currently I am working on abstracted landscapes on canvas and collages on paper, where I deal with isolation and self-isolation, as a consequence of the pandemic,” she explains.

Lilić adds that she is preparing a new exhibition which, in addition to collages, will also include an installation.

The inexhaustible source of possibilities for expression, a work of art and the feelings it evokes in the observer/consumer of the work itself – this is what Lilić thinks about when reminiscing about art.

“Art is with me every day, through my work, through pedagogical work with children, and through visits to galleries and museums. It is an integral part of my life,” adds Lilić.

“I’m fascinated with creating something out of nothing and shaping the world through art,” she says.

Demir Pepić

Whoever looks through the lens at the world around him – even once, he no longer looks at it in the same way as he did before, photographer Demir Pepić states.

Pepić, who describes himself as a simple guy from Montenegro, is a dentist who fell in love with art as a child and dabbled in it in his spare time. He had his first virtual exhibition within the project “ArtCult,” implemented by Alternativna in cooperation with the Private Cultural Center Akvarijus and portals Crno beli svet and Gracanica online.

Although he has been involved in photography for years now and admits to being well acquainted with the basic forms of expression in photography, Pepić also believes that, as an artist, he is “just starting out.”

We are sure that not all readers will agree with his assessment because he has the strong support of photography lovers.

This has something to do with the fact that two themes dominate in his photographs – landscapes and portraits.

“I like to travel and take photos, whether of landscapes that I admire, my close friends or dogs, which I also adore,” says Pepić.

“The beauty of nature as an eternal work of art has always served as an inspiration to various artists. Nature, in fact, paints for us images of infinite beauty, and I am only here to photograph the way I see them and pass them on to others,” he adds.

A work of art created by the artist which he leaves behind is the most beautiful thing when it comes to art, says Pepić, adding:

“The knowledge that you left something to the world behind you makes you feel complete. Knowing that you left your trace somewhere.”

And not only that, because Pepić adds: “Being an artist is the greatest kind of freedom one can achieve.”

Julija Hočko

A young Gorani artist, Julija Hočko, finds inspiration in nature, different cultures, and customs, as well as ornamentation.

Hočko did illustrations for the book Nismo prekidali sa Gorom by Jadranka Djordjević-Crnobrnja, showing interest in traditional costumes and customs. During her master’s studies, as part of the book graphics course, taught by professor Olivera Batajić-Sretenović, she presented a Gorani folk song by writing verses with thread on velvet. Her work was included in the selected works and exhibited at the international student book biennial.

“When dealing with a certain topic, I approach it in detail and research thoroughly before I start creating. I often return to traditional motifs, which are quite stylized,” says Hočko.

She explains that from the very beginning of her artistic work, she was fascinated by the motif of a woman and drawn to costumes from different cultures, as well as ornaments and the lifestyle itself. She is also inspired by patterns and textures in nature in which, as she says, she finds new shapes.

“Sometimes it can be a sentence from a book that inspires me to think about a topic or even an interesting shot that makes me look at things from a different perspective,” she adds.

Hočko says that art is a way of life.

“I notice it all around me and it allows me to learn and grow, setting myself new tasks. For me, art is a different way of thinking and the author’s ability to convey this to others. I think it all starts with an idea, a certain attitude, and the desire of the artists to show their thoughts to the audience without fear,” Hočko concludes.

Milica Lilić, Demir Pepić and Julija Hočko’s works were also presented on the digital platform “Gathered in Art”, as well as the virtual exhibitions held on this platform.

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