Renea Begolli: Art asks questions, provokes, and explores a deeper meaning

Renea Begolli

Renea Begolli is a conceptual and visual artist who specializes in painting. She also explores techniques such as drawing, sketching, and new medium – such as video and installations. This text is part of a series of texts titled “Short Conversation”.

According to Begolli, art is a good method to use when dealing with various topics.

“Through my works of art, I explore different ideas and themes. I explore the ideas of everyday life, the city, human rights issues, such as women’s rights, freedom of expression, living conditions, isolation, routine, home,” she explains.

Renea adds, however, that these are just key elements that she is currently exploring.

“I am motivated by films and various explorations of space, inner and outer and relationships with the environment, especially static objects,” she says.

Renea is in the last year of her Bachelor’s studies at the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Arts. She is also an exchange student at Bournemouth University, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology.

It was the combination of sociology and art that gave her a different perspective of reality, while also showing her the way she could convey it to her works of art:

“My main inspiration is my daily life, including people, different spaces, objects, routine. I explore the ideas of everyday life that inspire my thinking process. In addition, I return to my childhood memories and dreams and ask questions about them, thus triggering ideas for new works and research.”

This young artist has participated in a series of collective exhibitions.

Her works were exhibited in several collective exhibitions: “C19 A20” Exhibition organized by Oral History Initiative (2021; online exhibition), “New Year, New Artists, New Hopes” in “Europe House” (2021; online exhibition), “Additions” Exhibition (2020; Prishtina, Mitrovica) curated by Blerta Hoçia, “Green Line” in Qahili Gallery (2020; Pristina), “Ujedinjene Boje Divanhane” (2019/20; Zlatibor and Novi Pazar, Serbia), “Unification” in “Europe House” (2019; Prishtina), and others. She had a solo exhibition at the Institute “Yunus Emre” in Pristina, in 2014.

Nevertheless, she reveals that she continues to learn something new about art every day.

“It would be too early for me to define art at this age because every day I learn something new that relates to art and how it relates to me. Art is the history of people, individuals, artists, and the environment. It is transformed every day, separating and connecting different elements of life, death, and beyond. It asks questions, provokes and explores a deeper meaning,” she explains.

Although she does not want to define art, she still sees it as a way to change the opinion of both the individual and the general public.

Art can be used in a variety of forms, and if I am able to change the mind of just one person, I can move on to larger groups. Of course, it depends on the approach, but it is a good way to change public opinion for the better – she said in the announcement of the Additions exhibition.

“With the help of art, I can explore who I am in ways I would not otherwise, in terms of a deeper connection with the creation and experience of art,” Renea concludes in an interview for Alternativna.

Renea Begolli’s works were also presented on the digital platform “Gathered in Art”, as well as the virtual exhibitions held on this platform.

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