Check out the second joint virtual exhibition of artists who previously presented their works of art on the Gathered in Art platform today, starting from 5 pm.

The photographs, paintings, illustrations, graphics, sculptures created by Renea Begolli, Novica Miljković, Milan Dobrić, Haris Ličina, Sunčica Andrejević, Slaviša Mihajlović, as well as works of art from the art colony “Caravan,” created by Marija Mojović- Filipović, Milorad Stoilković, Boban Filipović, Lazar Aleksić, Veselj Saliji, Slaviša Mihajlović, and Djordje Stanković, are displayed in the virtual gallery.

You can also check out dozens of works of art on the “Gathered in Art” platform, where musicians Jelena Dražević, Nemanja Blagojević, and Alem Redžepagić, but also poetry and prose writers, Slobodan Popović and Vuk Pantović, have also presented themselves.

“From music, through poetry and prose, to sculpture and painting – this is what awaits you on the platform. But we don’t want to reveal too much, so visit our virtual gallery and the Gathered in Art website. Among the abundant amount of content, in the midst of a pandemic, remind yourself that a beautiful painting, photograph, verse, a sentence can also help us heal… “- reads the message of the Alternativna Website.

The exhibition will be available on the social networks of the Alternativna Website:

This digital platform provides a space where all kinds of artists who live or come from Kosovo can promote their art.

The “Gathered in Art” platform remains open to all artists who want to share their art with us and introduce the public to their creations.

We invite all artists to submit their works of art, which we will then gladly present to our followers.

Read more about the application criteria HERE.

The Gathered in Art platform is supported by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).

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