Check out the joint virtual exhibition of 12 artists tomorrow from 5 pm – on March 6th, 2021. These artists have previously presented their works of art on the “Gathered in Art” platform, which aims to promote artists who create in Kosovo, or who come from Kosovo, and establish a virtual space for them.

So far, twelve artists have presented almost 100 works of art on the platform. This exhibition is the first of the planned five.

“This is the first in a series of virtual exhibitions through which we want to bring artists from Kosovo closer to the public. The techniques used are diverse, as are the motives and inspiration.

Take a walk through the virtual gallery and get acquainted with the artists’ work, take a look at the works of art, and we are positive that you will find your favorite work of art,” the

Alternativna Website said.

The virtual gallery contains works by Nikolina Vasić, Demir Pepić (photography), Tijana Rodić, Julija Hočko (illustrations), Aleksandar Kasalović, Andjela Jordanović (graphic design/graphics), Aleksandar Glibetić (street art/digital art), Veselj Saliji, Boban Savić, Mimoza Studenica (fine arts), Milena Popović (handicrafts), Dragana Milić (music).

Each artist is presented with three works of art of their choice.

The exhibition will be available on the social networks of the Alternativna Website:

In the coming days, new artists will be presented on the platform, and at the end of the month, their works of art will be included in the second virtual exhibition.

The Alternativna Website once again invites artists to apply.

“The platform is open to everyone and our only goal is to introduce the public to artists, creators from Kosovo, and for artists to have their own space – virtually at least,” the Alternativna team emphasized.

Read more about the application criteria HERE.

The Gathered in Art platform is supported by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).



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