Digital platform for the promotion of artists in Kosovo: Apply!



Alternativna Website, with the support of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), launched a digital platform for the promotion of artists in Kosovo – ‘Gathered in Art’ ( Artists will be able to use this platform to promote themselves and their works of art, as well as to sell them in the online shop. At the end of each month, a virtual exhibition of works of art previously published on the platform will be organized. Works of art should be sent to the following e-mail address – More details below.

In order for your work of art to be published on the ‘Gathered in Art’ platform, the following conditions must be met:

– you must be an artist from Kosovo, or you must create art in Kosovo;

– you must practice any kind of art, whether as a professional or amateur artist;

– if you are a minor, parental approval is needed.

Other criteria for works of art to be published on the digital platform:

– the artists themselves select which works of art they will submit;

– applicants need to send at least 5 and at most 10 works of art either in JPG or PNG format of high quality;

– artists dealing with music, acting, performance, poetry, prose, etc., can submit their works in other formats – video, audio, text, etc. In that case, sending 3 to 5 works of art is allowed;

– along with the works of art, you need to submit a text about yourself, up to 200 characters long (this text can contain a short biography, information about your art, etc.);

– you can submit the text in Serbian, Albanian, or English;

– in addition to the works of art, you also need to send your telephone number (the telephone number will not be published, the platform coordinators will use to contact you if necessary);

– if you want to, you can also submit your photograph, as well as a link to your Facebook or Instagram page.

Which works will not be published?

– works of art containing religious and national symbols;

– works of art containing offensive content or hate speech.

Adding works of art to the online store

Works published on the platform will not necessarily be added to the online shop. In order to for your work of art to be placed in the online shop, you need to submit more information about your art:

– which technique was used;

– the size of the work of art;

– the price of each work of art;

– the works of art must be numbered/marked to clearly show which information relates to which work of art.

In case you have any additional questions, give us a call at 049684977 and 0644650957.

IMPORTANT: Neither the donors nor the Alternativna Website claim copyright to the works of art published on the platform. Authors retain exclusive copyright to their art. Only the administrative part of the sale will be conducted through the platform, which means that our team, after one of the works of art is purchased through the platform, will establish communication between the seller and the buyer who will then make further arrangements regarding the details of the sale.

The project is supported by UNMIK.

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