Artists are the strongest bridge, who now work the most

At the time of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are forced to stop working. There are no public events. But the pandemic does not cancel culture or creativity. “This is the best time to observe what culture is. Artists are those who work the most in this situation in order to make us happy with something” – says academic painter Zake Preljvukaj. “Culture is a way of expression, of existence and isolation” – graduate graphic artist, Nikola Ilic said.

Can culture be a means of reconciliation?

“Always! Artists have always been connected, they are the strongest bridge!” – answered Preljvukaj.

It depends on in what way we contribute to culture – adds Ilic.

Culture, however, can also interfere with reconciliation.

“It all depends on what we culturally portray,” Ilic points out.

“If it is the right culture, if it is the right art, then it can make a difference,” says Preljvukaj. True art is not one that is politically driven and available for purchase, she explained.

Artists have a “positive nationality” – mutual respect for culture, and that’s what matters – Preljvukaj said.

Artists should not have a nationality – Ilic points out.

Preljvukaj and Ilic sent a message to Kosovo and international artists, while also explaining whether one can freely create in Kosovo.

For more details please see the video.

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