Alternativna Website is organizing a discussion “Alternative gathering places – independent initiatives for culture, art, freedom…” in the Private Cultural Center Akvarijus this Monday, June 14, 2021. An exhibition of photographs shot by Sunčica Andrejević will be opened on the same evening. Guests will also have the opportunity to listen to a live music performance by Ilda Krama.

The discussion will start at 7 p.m.

The program coordinator of GAIA in Mitrovica, including the Social Space for Deconstruction, Mevlude Skuroshi, one of the founders of the Krik cultural shelter in Kamenica, Slobodan Miljković, the executive director of 7Arte, Lulzim Hoti, and the editor of the art program of the Private Cultural Center Akvarijus, Aleksandar Dundjerin, will take part in the discussion.

The publication – “Gathered: We Believe in Art” will also be presented, implemented by the Alternativna Website over the past six months, with the support of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).

The discussion, publication presentation, and the live music performance are organized by Alternativna with the support of UNMIK.

After the discussion, the exhibition of photographs shot by Alternativna’s photo reporter, Sunčica Andrejević, will be opened. A total of 20 of Sunčica’s photographs will be exhibited as part of the “MI” exhibition. Visitors will have the opportunity to see landscape photographs, black and white photographs, photographs of nature, birds, but also scenes from the town…

Sunčica Andrejević has been professionally involved with photography for almost two years. So far, she has had one solo exhibition (“What will the planet look like after the pandemic”, Europe House – Mitrovica, 2020) and several collective exhibitions. Sunčica won the best amateur art photography award in 2020 awarded by the Mitrovica Cultural Center “Dragica Žarković”.

The photography exhibition is organized independently by Alternativna.

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