A ten-year stumbling block: ASM between substance and symbolism

Even ten years after the first agreement was reached in the dialogue, most of which concerned the Association of Serb-Majority Municipalities, the general public still has a lot of uncertainty regarding this future body. What should the ASM represent? Would it be the new Republic of Srpska? Does the Serbian community in Kosovo even want the ASM? What should the ASM guarantee to the Serbian community? These and many other questions were discussed with Jovana Radosavljević from the New Social Initiative in the first episode of Alternativna’s new podcast series “The Kosovo Key: Analysis and Perspectives”.

“We are not even close to understanding what the ASM should represent. Both sides, primarily because they do not want to form the ASM, set up the discussion in such a way that very little was discussed about the essence, but everything was focused on the very superficial and symbolic elements of this body” – Radosavljević said.

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